Woman in bed with books: E=mc square, The Devil wears prada

No ode to Uruguayan men

Woman in bed with books: E=mc square, The Devil wears prada

I haven´t lain
with Uruguayan men
in three years
and more

I don´t wish to sleep
with soccer lovers
who want me to be proper
and hand them
the remote

who expect me
to hairdress
and gym and fast
make up and wax
take pills
for their convenience
every day of the month
cook, feed them
call their mums
on their birthdays
sit with their relatives
on holidays
and take their insults
without contempt

put up with their
cigarette stench
and drunken fits
their thought control
and petiness

I wish to stay away
from that misleading race
the Uruguayan men

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4 comments on “No ode to Uruguayan men

  1. I’m 100% with you on this poem. Nevertheless, we all know that not all Uruguayan men are like in the poem and I personally wish to stay away from any man, from anywhere, who fits the description mentioned above. 🙂 Thank you for your poems. Keep on writing and inspiring us, girl!

  2. You have just described my 19 year old Uruguayan ex boyfriend in extreme detail. Every single word of it. I am starting to think its about the same guy. Hilarious and sadly true.

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