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24 Perfect Hours in Niagara Falls – Waterfalls, beach sunset, wine tours

I had this idyllic vision of Niagara Falls. Something spectacular, massive, breathtaking. Beyond that, I had no idea what to expect. One night, at my friend Melissa´s sister in Waterdown, Ontario, she suggested we get a package deal at one of the hotels, which would surely include wine tasting around Niagara on the lake. And […]


Top 6 Most Fabulous Ancient Armenian Dishes

When I was growing up in Uruguay, my grandma always made dishes that we considered to be Armenian food. But when I visited Armenia, the food was very different. My family, coming from parts of an ancient Armenian kingdom that had been conquered by the Ottoman empire, in this case, Marash, had preserved traditions that […]


ALEPPO was ALEP – Remembering the Armenian Genocide

Yesterday, I learnt about Turkey’s tactics to turn the Armenian genocide-themed film “The Promise” into a box office failure. Apparently, they have been entering about 100,000 poor reviews on Imdb, buying seats in theaters and then asking for refunds, so the seats will be empty, harassing actors and producers, etc. Now that Turkey is even more […]


Best French Films to Watch in 2017

This is a strange post for this site, but since films are a great way of “traveling” sometimes, I thought I´d share a list of some of the fabulous French films I have watched over the last months. After making a conscious decision to avoid anything produced in Hollywood, I was able to discover many fabulous […]

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5 Hidden Tricks Which Could Cost You Money on Holiday

We go on holidays and visit new places to live, to experience the world. We love to travel, because when we are traveling, we tend to focus on pleasure, on creating special moments. There is, however a darker side of traveling, namely, tourist traps and hidden costs. When people see my Facebook posts from different […]

The Acropolis seen from Thisio View

Athens for Digital Nomads – Where to write your masterpiece or edit your film, best wifi cafes, poolside cafes & more

On many days during my stay in Athens last summer, I went out on a quest to find the perfect coffee shop to do some work on my laptop. Because August was so unbearably hot in the city, at some point the search mutated into a quest for the perfect hotel pool, one that allowed day passes. […]


Hydra, Lovers’ Paradise

I was an Athenian last Summer, and like any good Athenian, I used to take weekend trips to islands near Athens. My favorite escapade was to Hydra, The island famous for the absence of motor vehicles (you can choose between walking or riding a donkey) is extremely chic, with stylish shops and luxury accommodation. The […]


Make America Grope Again – My Take on Trump´s Pussygate for TBS

Donald Trump’s robotic teleprompter-induced apology about talking about touching women’s privates without asking for their permission, is yet another reminder that the U.S. election is going to be decided exactly like a wrestling match. Did anybody doubt that Trump looks down on women? Wasn’t the fact that he has married one Barbie after another proof […]

El Seguro de Viajes de Assist Card es una sutil estafa

Assist Card me cubrio por una emegencia de salud en Roma. Cuando la doctora recomendo que viajara en posicion horizontal, temiendo tener que pagar un pasaje de primera clase, los aseguradores se desdijeron de su promesa de cubrir mis gastos de estancia forzada en Roma por reposo y me dejaron virtualmente sin cobertura. Assist Card […]

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