Mount Vesubius adventure video

Italian painting representing an eruption of Vesubius in 1839

Over the years, I have been to many different places and made tons of videos of my trips.  I recently came across this video I made while taking a day trip from the port of Naples to the top of Mount Vesubius.

Vesubius is famous for having been responsible for burying the beautiful Pompeii ( I have a video of that too, for another time) under lava and ashes. Contrary to what you might think, knowing about the history of Vesubius`tragic eruptions, there are many people living on the slopes of Vesubius and in its lush surroundings. While it is hard to imagine all that beauty and greeness buried under lava, there is actually no telling when this will happen again.

Vesubius is one of those volcanoes that doesn´t erupt or let out some steam frequently, but this also means that when it does, the eruption will be big, and all those rich people living in their mansions will have to abandon everything and run for their lives; a fact that doesn´t seem to worry them in the least.

The area is also famous for the Lacrima Christi wine, which is produced from grapes harvested in Vesubius`surrounding areas. Making wine and building mansions hardly seem to be activities to carry out next to a live time bomb like Vesubius, but, since this type of volcanoes can stay calm for a couple of thousand years, people tend to feel safe there.

All I can say is that I had a lovely day visiting Vesubius a couple of years ago, and here is my video as a testimony of that relaxing excursion.

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