I´ll take Manhattan – At the top of the world

So, I did finally get to New York, and though I was forced to spend half my time working on several projects locked up in our beautiful East Harlem apartment, I knew all was well, because my friend and soulmate Gabi was flying in from Bermuda on the weekend, and there was no way I was going to be working with her around, since we hadn´t seen each other in about 4 years.

The time with Gabi was every bit as special as I had imagined it: for starters, she brought Superman with her, and a bottle of champagne to celebrate our encounter with an unusual breakfast.

The repercussions of our NYC unveiling of RAUL surpassed all our expectations, with the special treat of having won the Best Documentary Award, plus being on one of the top local TV shows and being invited to both the Uruguayan Consulate and New York City Hall and, for me Gabs and Superman, last but not least, getting a photo in front of the original SEINFELD diner…

I am in Los Angeles now, and still too busy to share more about our fabulous Manhattanautical experience (tell you later…), but I will blog some more soon.

In the meantime, I wanna share some pictures of what it was like out there.

And yes, I feel head over heels with New York…

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