GRECIAN MIRAGE (Greece, Summer 2006)

I saw the glare

in the water

of the sun

In the island of Rhodesof the sun


I thought I saw

an island

and its town

with the white houses


It must have been Erota

luring me with her

olives and her wine


Mountains that I imagine

where there is only

Aegean sea


That only stand

in the maps

of my own heart


unknown to sailors

and fishermen


This is my Greece


The Colosus

that lured me

from Ibiza

into Paris and Piraeus

into Ios and Korfu


Swinging in the

parks of Rodos

with a red flower

in my hand

and the Greek boy

riding away

in his moped


The words I heard

in Mykonos

as I turned

towards the sun



the ancient tongue


one more time




The language

and the land escape

of Desire








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