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Nine fabulous things to do on a Spring Break cruise

I have been lucky to be able to do my fair share of traveling and cruising.  Although I have never been much of a “tourist,” I have had many near-paradise experiences over the years. Much of my cruising was actually done during Spring Break, so, I came up with the idea of suggesting some fabulous […]


New York state in the Fall – Halloween ghosts and the blissful outdoors

Fall is the perfect time to head down to New York in order to enjoy its kaleidoscopic beauty and ever vibrant lifestyle. The million-colored leaves around Central Park create a unique spectacle, and there are dozens of fun outdoors activities and festivals all over the city and the whole of New York state. Photography enthusiasts will appreciate […]

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In New York for the music – Summer 2012 concerts

As I might head to NY City soon, after acquiring an addictive taste for it last Summer, I decided to find out what cool concerts were happening there during the rest of the Summer and early Fall. I was amazed at the quality and variety of the shows (and even surprised that some bands were […]


Las Vegas Citycenter – greenest luxury on Earth

When you think of those spur of the moment Las Vegas flights, sustainability and environmental awareness are probably the last things on your mind. For over two and a half years now, the groundbreaking Citycenter complex has come to challenge everyone’s views of what Sin city represents. A creation by Art Gensler´s GENSLER DESIGN, partnering with MGM MIRAGE, Citycenter […]

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Romantic escapades – Fabulous places to fall in love

Lake Como “This shore of the lake is one continued village, and the Milanese nobility have their villas here. The union of culture and the untameable profusion and loveliness of nature   is here so close that the line where they are divided can hardly be discovered.” Percy B. Shelley A favorite spot for the most celebrated Romantic […]


Hilo, Hawaii -The rainy side of the Big Island

I visited Hilo many times. Every single time, it rained at some point. Meanwhile, when I sailed into the other side of the Big Island, the sun was always shining. Apparently, there is a scientific explanation for this, but I won´t go into that now. I remember two special times fondly. Once, my Canadian friends […]

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