New Zealand – A seafaring paradise with awe-inspiring traditions

As it usually happens to me with films and places, I fell in love with New Zealand for the first time after watching a movie. In this case, it was Lee Tamahori’s superb ONCE WERE WARRIORS. This is a 90’s movie, so, NZ and I actually go way back, but many years would pass until […]

Into the land of dreams – great travel films of all times

This is the second guest post ever on The Wander life, by travel blogger extraordinaire Joe, who shows a flair for film criticism as well. I added my favorite travel movie of all times at the bottom! Enjoy! If you’re a traveller, what’s the next best thing to travelling? Daydreaming about it? Writing about? Talking […]

Uruguay´s Golden Coast – Photo blog & dining tips

So, we are halfway through the summer, and I still haven´t been able to take a proper vacation, but I have just spent a couple of weeks with a few interruptions at my family´s summer house in Las Toscas Honestly, I used to spend only a few weekends there every summer, but this year I […]

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