What we talk about when we talk about love

Love must be pure.
It has to respect us above all.
Take care of us above all.
Love wants our happiness.

Love´s greatest satisfaction is the loved one´s joy and eternal bliss.
But sometimes we give all these things,
we feel we are receiving the same.

We feel it in our soul, in our hearts, in our skin.
But one day,
we realize our love wasn´t true.

Raymond Carver talked about the “saving grace” of love,
meaning the fact that we all fall in love again at some point,
no matter how eternal we may have felt a certain love to be.
I was able to experience this in real life when I read a note in which
my eternal love told someone else before me
the same things he told me
about the nature of his love
and the eternity of our bond.

I believe that, above all, love is protection and generosity
and a desire for our well-being.

And while someone may make us fall in love with the semblance of protection,
an illusion that they will always have our back,
only true generosity and selflessness can sustain true love.

It is wonderful to know new love after we felt an old love was the only one there could ever be, and losing it.

The love of our children, our brothers, sisters, friends
has to be equally valuable, equally central in our lives as romantic and sexual love.

The only people I ever met who experienced a disconnect from friends and roots
after falling in love, had in reality entered into destructive relationships
with selfish and possessive people.

Love only matters when it doesn´t need to show itself to the world.

When I thought I was in love.
When I discovered the glow and power of love a few years back,
I didn´t talk about it, I didn´t take any pictures of it,
I was inside the love.

The only picture I have of that time is a picture of the sunset,
and it´s probably the picture that best captured that relationship.

There is nothing like having someone unlove you
not love you right
to learn what is love and what isn´t
to learn forgiveness
to learn to love yourself better than before,
to learn to find what you really deserve
to truly understand
what we talk about when we talk about love.

A friend taught me that we must forgive our parents
before becoming a parent.
I believe we must forgive any loved one who ever hurt us
because we must enter parenthood with a clean and pure heart.

Thank the Universe for the miracle of life,
for the saving grace of love.






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