TULUM, Mexico (Poem & photos)

They blame the

human sacrifices on the


Abhorred be us

the conqueror´s descent

The Mayans, they

sacrificed babies

when they needed


Human sacrifice

what a despicable thing

said the European conquerors

and massacred

a continent

See the altar stone

where hearts were

torn off

sleep of the iguana

on the Tulum cliffs

Not before the toltecs,

they said

Lo behold the spot

where heads

were cut off

All us Latin Americans

all we have in common

the conqueror´s


Imagine the beauty

the truncated evolution

Now only a dead


to preserve

Come and see the beauty

the truncated evolution

of America

Come and see the seed

that passed before bloom

Beauty of Tulum

The walls once turquoise

The new alien practice

human sacrifice

the beheading games

and a feast of hearts

The advances in Astronomy

and Mathematics

all nipped in the bud

And all that is left

the flat headed skulls

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2 comments on “TULUM, Mexico (Poem & photos)

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  2. Hi Veronica, you wrote a great poem! Plus great pictures. I wish I could write a poem like yours for my hometown Puerto Peñasco.

    Have you ever been to Puerto Peñasco? It’s a beautiful beach in Mexico only 1 hour away from the border with Arizona. Best time of the year it’s in October, the perfect weather, plus a lot of cool events.

    Happy Travels!

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