America by Jonathan Franzen

Over the last few weeks, somewhere between watching a bit of Food Inc, as part of research for a documentary (I couldn´t stomach 10 minutes of it…), reading about the latest cutbacks to personal freedom compliments of the Obama administration, and watching Chris Hodges’ speech on the empire´s severe decline; somewhere along the line, I […]

Hilo, Hawaii -The rainy side of the Big Island

I visited Hilo many times. Every single time, it rained at some point. Meanwhile, when I sailed into the other side of the Big Island, the sun was always shining. Apparently, there is a scientific explanation for this, but I won´t go into that now. I remember two special times fondly. Once, my Canadian friends […]

Orhan Pamuk in Montevideo; an illuminated man.

Years ago, when I was planning my first visit to Istanbul, I tried to get hired to interview Pamuk, just because I wanted to meet him. I hadn’t tried hard enough, and I thought my chances of seeing Pamuk had vanished forever. A dream come true Only five minutes ago, a few blocks from my […]

ATLANTIDA, Uruguay: Film workshop on the beach – A photo blog

I have done many things in my life, but I am pretty sure this is the first time I´ve had a class at a beach bar, in a biking, drinking white wine and nibbling on calamari. NÉKTAR FILMS` project THE ISLAND OF JUSTICE was selected for a production workshop with a very interesting Argentinean producer, […]


When most people think of Caribbean holidays, the first things that come to mind are drinks served in coconut shells, white sands, Latin or reggae music and turquoise seas. Because of the weather, the scenery, the promise of Latin-style fun, and even the abundance of good looking Latinos and Latinas around, the Caribbean is the […]

Favorite holiday spots in Europe – a Photo blog

  Nothing beats that old world charm of Europe with its majestic ancient buildings and museums full of wonders. I have many favorite places all over Europe. Here are some iconic images from some of them. When I think of Portugal holidays, unlike most travelers, I think of the bucolic relaxation of Sintra. In Spain, I´d […]

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