Lying on the sand at Playa de la Viuda in Punta del Diablo

Punta del Diablo in March – Lovers` paradise

If you went to Punta del Diablo this March without a significant other, you probably felt like the last single person on Earth.
What I found there last weekend was beauty without end and, almost exclusively, couples enjoying it.
We stayed at a house with a view of one of the nicest beaches, which lies between the fishermen´s beach and the magnificent, and seemingly endless, Playa Grande.

My fondest memories are of eating fresh angel fish, just off the fishing boats, my solitary early morning walk through Playa de la Viuda (Widow´s beach, or Widow´s bay, as I like to call it), without a soul in sight for miles, reading a delicious old Vargas Llosa novel and the fabulous script of my next movie, which will be shot in Argentina later this year.

Nothing beats paradise when the throngs of tourists have all gone back to where they came from. I have been to Punta del Diablo only in December and March lately, skipping the most popular summer months of January and February, and, unless you have a problem with seeing a bunch of people holding hands inside the water and making out on the sand, I thoroughly recommend it. There won´t be a party, there won´t be a lot of interesting people to meet, but there will be bliss; in my book, that´s plenty enough.


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