Finding home: CAPRI

Two years ago, I coincided with a large group of Armenian tourists doing a Mediterranean cruise. Capri was one of our stops. When I was having lunch at a beautiful restaurant, as part of a day tour of Capri and the Amalfi Coast, I sat at a table with Vart, Silvia, and their respective husbands. They were all of Armenian origin, just like me.

Honolulu on a cruise: easy guide for first-timers

One of my most vivid images of Waikiki is of listening to a Hawaiian band playing Iz´s version of “Somewhere over the Rainbow”, with the sun going down behind them. There was just something fundamentally Hawaiian about that scene, the beautiful music, the Hawaiian-shirt-clad musicians with their ukeleles, and the silhouettes surfing into the sunset in the background.

Under the Maui Stars

I just didn´t want to go back to sleep on the ship. Simply, I NEEDED a connection. It was not about booking a hotel and staying there by myself…
This was MAUI!!! I had to see those Maui stars, whatever the cost.

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