Packing my bags for the Spring

When I spend too long without getting on a plane, I can get rather restless. This Fall, I found the cure, I am traveling towards the Northern Spring. Although the place I´m going is not precisely tropical, more like a mild winter except for the summertime, year-round, I am so excited to see some of my friends from the North.

While I was cruising the world, I made some lifelong friends that I seldom get to see now I am a full-time writer/film producer in Uruguay. So, I have at least five of the people I love the most in the world who either live around the region I am headed to or will make a trip to see me while I´m there.

I am also going to write about a few great hotels and resorts I will be visiting, but will also spend some time at an airbnb apartment and I may even couchsurf for a night or two. I am very excited about everything I will be reporting on.

I´m sure you are pretty curious by now about where in the world my adventures will take me, but  I am not revealing that as yet. I will just say that I am going to one of my favorite cities in the Northern hemisphere. The rest will be unveiled soon.

Can´t wait to post pictures with all my new fall fashions I just ordered from eBay. Here is my new raincoat, for starters:

clear raincoat

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One comment on “Packing my bags for the Spring

  1. I like raincoat . With this type of clothing you will be able to stay under 50ls. for your bags. Good luck on your trip. If I see this raincoat in Atlanta ,I will Know who it is from a distance.

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