Las Vegas Citycenter – greenest luxury on Earth

When you think of those spur of the moment Las Vegas flights, sustainability and environmental awareness are probably the last things on your mind.

For over two and a half years now, the groundbreaking Citycenter complex has come to challenge everyone’s views of what Sin city represents.


A creation by Art Gensler´s GENSLER DESIGN, partnering with MGM MIRAGE, Citycenter took over two years to build.

Introduced as the largest privately-funded architectural project in the country’s history, the original Citycenter was supposed to cost 7 billion dollars, but the final cost rose to 8.5.

A Green Luxury

The main concept that guided the designers was that of building a self-contained community, where sustainability was consistent through every aspect of the complex.

Covering 18 million square feet, the same as twelve blocks on the island of Manhattan, nothing remotely similar to Citycenter has ever been built as yet. In fact, it is the governing emphasis on the consistent use of green energy and green practices for each aspect of the construction, from shape and orientation to the disposal of garbage.

Citycenter´s most salient GREEN features include an 8.5 Mw natural gas plant which creates energy, as the heat generated is also used to heat up water. Groundbreaking water conservation systems that allow to save up to 60% of consumption, reusing water for irrigation, limos that run on clean natural gas, its very own recycling facility, and many more.

Ever since its opening, Citycenter has become a must see for tourists coming to Las Vegas from every corner of the world. The density of high-end stores has lead some to compare Citycenter with Rodeo drive or 5th Avenue, and tourists especially appreciate the train rides, great fun when visiting with kids, the art collections and the stunning views that abound.

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