Through inside passage – Cruising Alaska

In 2005, I cruised Alaska during the whole summer. I had bought eskimo-type gear before my trip, because every picture a Uruguayan had ever seen of Alaska usually involved an igloo. I was utterly surprised by the greenness and beauty of it all.

Going through the Inside Passage, a labyrinth of sea tunnels between beautiful mountains on the edge of Canada and the US, en route towards Alaska, was the most beautiful part of those cruises.

Here is something I wrote while going through, surrounded by those impressive green giants and followed by low clouds and casual whales.



This land of low clouds
and scattered islands

Photo by Pat W. Sandersand scattered islands

the endless afternoons
that never pass

This land of greenest pines
and greenest seas

towards Alaska

This land of stormy days
and sunny eves

of purple sunsets
and quietness

of isolation
and patient fishermen

These waters of grand whales
and Luxus vessels

and one of them

Photo by upyemoz

will win the battle
in the end

Whale territory
that we invade
with our grand ships
and camera lenses

This land of narrow pass
that earthquakes
shall defend

This West of All
and east of all the rest

These lines of land
and labyrinths of sea
cleansed by

Unreal fogs photo by Miguel Borges

the truth of winds
and force of waves

Something you feel inside
when we do pass

This land of mystery
land of low clouds
and unreal fogs

the Inside Passage

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