If you wanted to see the best sunrise in Britain, where would you go?

Britain´s scenic coastline can be a marvelous place to contemplate the beauty of the rising sun. Though the British Islands are better known for mysterious fogs and ubiquitous rains, when the sun does rise in all it´s splendour, I hope you will find yourself at one of these locations. A perfect sunrise is an elusive thing. It has to do with scenery, a certain, unique kind of quiet before the world begins its usual toil. I do not possess the secret of a magical dawn, but I do assure you that if you stand at one of this locations, at the right time, you shall see something quite spectacular.Enjoy!

Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

The beach along Great Yarmouth stretches for 15 miles, with rolling dunes, picturesque piers and sweeping expanses of wide open sand. It’s the perfect location for an early morning walk and for watching the first rays breaking over the vast, endless ocean. Norfolk has some beautiful attractions and the coastline is well worth taking the time to explore. After sunrise, go for a long walk along the beach or head inland for a hearty breakfast.

Ely sunrise by Meleah Reardon

Ely, Cambridgeshire

Take a trip to Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire for a truly spiritual awakening. Watch from one of the grassy areas to the west so you can see the sun rise over the cathedral. The setting is atmospheric and mysterious, heightened by the wide open skies and the broad sweeping plain on which the cathedral stands. In winter, as the first rays creep over the horizon, you might also hear choir song emerging from this ancient place of worship.

Brighton, East Sussex

Well-known for its pier and pebble beach, its happy go lucky vibe and welcoming atmosphere, Brighton is a great choice of destination whatever the weather. But in summer the beach resort really comes into its own. After partying into the early hours, join the locals and hunker down with a blanket as you watch the sun rise over another beautiful day.

Llanfairpwllgwyngyll, Wales

This village in Anglesey offers wonderful views across Snowdonia, with the run rising over the mountains. The sight from the Marquess of Anglesey’s column has some of the best views but it doesn’t open until after sunrise, though its close enough in winter.

Edinburgh sunrise
Magnificent Edinburgh shot by GARY WHITTLE

Edinburgh, Scotland

For a fantastic panoramic view of Edinburgh at dawn, head to the volcanic outcrop of Arthur’s Seat. The views from here are wonderful at any time, but sunrise is perfect for quiet contemplation of this beautiful and historic city. The climb is definitely worth the effort.

Glencoe, Scotland

The incredible scenery of Glencoe takes on another dimension during sunrise. It is one of the most spectacular places in Britain and sunrise here is an unforgettable, otherworldly experience. You may not be assured of seeing the sun itself, but the mist-wreathed mountains take on an almost ethereal glow as the light appears. This is truly a perfect location for a romantic getaway. Its remote location means that you can have it all to yourself, with only birds soaring in the wild skies for company.

Shetland Islands, Scotland

Shetland may be a long way to go to see dawn break, but Britain’s most northerly islands have been rated amongst the world’s best places to watch the sunrise by travel guide Lonely Planet. The superb natural scenery, wild and windswept, is breathtaking in its own right, but the combination of open space and ocean also means that light reflected off the water takes on an extraordinary clarity. Throw in some clouds and rain and visitors can expect to see some fascinating optical effects and spectacular sunbeams. The many miles of beaches mean that a quiet spot is easy to find. Because night is so short spring and autumn are the best times for sunrise.


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