Hydra, Lovers’ Paradise

I was an Athenian last Summer, and like any good Athenian, I used to take weekend trips to islands near Athens. My favorite escapade was to Hydra,

The island famous for the absence of motor vehicles (you can choose between walking or riding a donkey) is extremely chic, with stylish shops and luxury accommodation. The beaches are mostly rocky, but the colors of the sea make up for the absence of sand.

Nereid’s Guest House had the most fabulous room I enjoyed during my Greek sejour, and the owner recommended OSTRIA, a restaurant owned by a fisherman where we had the most delicious fresh calamari.

I never ceased to be amazed about the distinct personality of each Greek island. They each have their own traditional dishes, sometimes even their own musical styles, they have different vibes and are visited by different crowds.

Hydra is unquestionably, the best choice for a quick romantic escapade out of Athens.

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Here is my underwater video of Greece, and my photos from Hydra (YDRA in Greek).


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