How To Visit Stockholm On A Budget

Stockholm is one of the top capitals of Europe, but it has a reputation for being rather expensive for travelers. While some tourists can afford to stay in luxury at the greatest hotels the world has to offer, dine in the top five star restaurants every night, and splurge on costly tours, regular mortals often need to stick to a limited budget, which can be a stretch sometimes in Scandinavia. However, it’s definitely possible for travelers on a budget to have an amazing time in Stockholm.



The best way to cut down your expenses while visiting Stockholm is by finding cheap accommodations. Stockholm hotels are pricey, but there are many options such as hostels, couchsurfing and airbnb. If you really need to save money, you can opt for renting a room in someone´s private home through airbnb. Not only will you save money; you will also get a chance to live like a local!


Getting around in Stockholm can be tricky, depending on where you’re staying. Renting a car or taking cabs can be very expensive. Luckily, Stockholm has some very consistent public transportation. Tourists can take the bus, the fabulous, futuristic metro, the train, or a ferry to get around and reach the biggest attractions. Buying a public transportation pass for the duration of your trip can save you money, while also providing you with sufficient information about getting around in the Stockholm zone system.


Although Stockholm is known for its fine dining, there are always options available for those on a tight budget. In Sodermalm, a central district in Stockholm, there are many bars and coffee shops offering iinexpensive dining, such as Café String for casual sandwiches, Akkurat for beer and burgers, and Koh Phanagan for traditional Swedish food in an eclectic setting. For an even cheaper alternative, you can find one of the fabulous open-air markets to pick up some fresh local produce to cook your own meals. Insider´s tip: The Scandinavian sunlight makes strawberries taste like heaven.


If you’re the type of traveler who enjoys bargain-shopping, there are plenty of malls, such as Downtown Stockholm’s Gallerian, to get traditional Swedish wares. For art, there’s an annual MARKET art fair. However, shopping can become a splurge if you stick to typical shops and main streets, instead opt for checking out some of the city´s many flea markets and outdoor markets. Stockholm has many public squares that often have flea markets on the weekends, where you can pick up unique souvenirs at affordable prices.


Whether you’ve traveled to Stockholm for a celebration like a stag party, a birthday party or just wanted to experience the local nightlife, there’s no better place than the city´s glamorous clubs and bars. Stockholm’s biggest club is Sturcompagniet where you can dance through the night and party with Sweden’s finest. One of the most unique bars in the world is the Icebar Stockholm, where the bar is made of ice, and so is all the glassware. Some local hostels offer drink specials that you can purchase ahead of time.


Every type of traveler is sure to find something they want to do in Stockholm. Buy a Stockholm card and you can get free admission to attractions like The Vasa Museum, SkyView, The Royal Palace, the Skansen Open-Air Museum, and many other exhibits. You can even get a discount on transportation with the city card.

Whether you’re in Stockholm to see the sights or to party with a bunch of your closest friends, there’s plenty to do and see. If you plan it out and do your research, you can experience Stockholm without breaking the bank.


This is a guest post by Marcela De Vivo. A freelance writer for RedSeven Leisure, Marcela is a regular contributor for several travel sites and blogs. She loves sharing her money saving tips with readers and knows that while traveling can be costly, it’s definitely an experience worth spending your hard-earned money on.

Featured image by Michael Cavén

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