Finland/ am Ende des Landes/ am Ende der Welt (English Poem)

Finland/ am Ende des Landes
am Ende der Welt

a dreamlike affair
of strawberry fields
neverending trees
rising through the blue
and skies that never fade
in the summertime

Rakastan sinua Kauniste Suomi
I love you
For the girls
Who say no in horror
When you ask if their
boyfriend is blonde

for the old men
with eyes that tell all
who play tango
in their accordion
when the sun goes down

the ruby red strawberries
that melt in your mouth
and can make you happy
on a summer day
with the taste and
with the stubbornness
of berries
patiently waiting
for the snow to melt
for the sun to shine
for squirrels to rise
from their secret place

For the people
who wait out the dark
in their pretty houses
watching American television
and dreaming of tropics faraway

The Bloom of Finland
Emerging from the snow
with the first days of June

As if so much beauty
Could only last
So short a time

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