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Nothing beats that old world charm of Europe with its majestic ancient buildings and museums full of wonders. I have many favorite places all over Europe. Here are some iconic images from some of them.

When I think of Portugal holidays, unlike most travelers, I think of the bucolic relaxation of Sintra.


In Spain, I´d have to choose Valencia, because I fell in love with the place while I was studying there, though I am pretty sure that I the same thing will happen whenever I visit the Basque country.

Valencia, a place I once called home

In Italy, I love so many places, but there is something special about Florence and Venice that makes me long for my next visit to the two magical cities.


Those gondola rides, they are everything you ever imagined, and more. My time in Venice was the closest I will ever be to living inside a fairy-tale.

Paris was not my favorite place in the world when I was there, but I have learnt to love it from afar, since, and I am pretty sure our next encounter will be the charm.

Paris, best place on Earth to fall in love

Berlin and Dublin are two cities I´ve always known I would love to live in, although I have never seen either of them.

Though I speak German, I have never been to Germany, and when I go there, Berlin will undoubtedly be my first stop.


I have read and written so much about Dublin that I could find my way around it even if I was blindfolded, but alas, the land of Joyce and me, we have never met. Whenever it happens, I am sure it will be a moment to remember.

Dublin, breeder of writers and musicians





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