Enter The Wander-Life!

The Wander Life

The Wander Life is a blog from the heart. Over the next weeks, months, and, who knows? maybe years, I will unveil the tales of my travels to all the corners of the world.

It is my wish to make you travel with me. Wandering is something that can be done with the body, but also with the mind.

I hope that at some point the funny or happy tales of my adventures may entice you to fly away to Hawaii or Istanbul, or some of those obscure islands no one has ever heard of, where I have found sheer BEAUTY, beaches with no names, places that the common tourist never finds, a perfect little café in Maui, where you can get a Ginger Rush to get you started in the morning, or a chocolate shop in Patagonia, near the end of the world.

The good thing about the Wander-Life is that it never ends, The more you travel, the more you want to see and explore. The more foreign dishes you try and music you listen to, the more you need of these things in your life, to keep expanding your horizons.

In a way, traveling is the ultimate mind opener. Getting to know and understanding different cultures is a wonderful and humbling experience that every human being should be exposed to at some point in their life.

It is my wish to give to you my tiny share of mind-opening experiences, in the hope that they will be somewhat meaningful, interesting, and, why not? also entertaining.

At the same time, I will be very generous with all my tips about how to get the best experience from each destination. I know you will keep my secrets, right?

Happy wandering, everyone!


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