Great wedding venues around the world

Exotic weddings are very fashionable these days. Sometimes, during my travels, I randomly stumble upon open-air weddings that look like straight out of a fairy tale: everyone dressed in white, the ocean and blue skies in the background, perfect weather; an ideal setting for sheer joy and happy endings. Of course, remote venues can greatly […]

Punta Ballena with Chomsky – Paradise in Hell

I have always loved Punta Ballena and Portezuelo. I used to go there with my family when I was a child, I have stayed at the magnificent Casapueblo, I often attend jazz concerts at Medio y Medio, and frankly, as soon as I get there, everything always seems perfect. It´s a perfect love story, as […]

El inconmensurable Osvaldo Fattoruso: Parte 2

the silent drums will never play the same our heart is changed Acá va la segunda parte. Hay mucho dolor, pero también mucha belleza y mucho amor. Espero que disfruten y saboreen recordarlo una vez más y muchas, muchas más. Conocí a Osvaldo por los Shakers, cuando me contaron que el tocaba la bata y […]

In New York for the music – Summer 2012 concerts

As I might head to NY City soon, after acquiring an addictive taste for it last Summer, I decided to find out what cool concerts were happening there during the rest of the Summer and early Fall. I was amazed at the quality and variety of the shows (and even surprised that some bands were […]

Colonia del Sacramento – Charm from a different era

This photo of Colonia del Sacramento is courtesy of TripAdvisor My most vivid memory from my first visit to Colonia is of the impressive Bullfighting ring. It was in ruins 20 years ago just like now, but, surprisingly, it has retained its charm, although it is no longer possible to go into the actual arena, […]

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