24 Perfect Hours in Niagara Falls – Waterfalls, beach sunset, wine tours

I had this idyllic vision of Niagara Falls. Something spectacular, massive, breathtaking. Beyond that, I had no idea what to expect. One night, at my friend Melissa´s sister in Waterdown, Ontario, she suggested we get a package deal at one of the hotels, which would surely include wine tasting around Niagara on the lake. And […]

Hydra, Lovers’ Paradise

I was an Athenian last Summer, and like any good Athenian, I used to take weekend trips to islands near Athens. My favorite escapade was to Hydra, The island famous for the absence of motor vehicles (you can choose between walking or riding a donkey) is extremely chic, with stylish shops and luxury accommodation. The […]

El Seguro de Viajes de Assist Card es una sutil estafa

Assist Card me cubrio por una emegencia de salud en Roma. Cuando la doctora recomendo que viajara en posicion horizontal, temiendo tener que pagar un pasaje de primera clase, los aseguradores se desdijeron de su promesa de cubrir mis gastos de estancia forzada en Roma por reposo y me dejaron virtualmente sin cobertura. Assist Card […]

My 7 links – A best of the blog selection

I was just invited to selext these 7 links from this year of blogging. It wasn’t easy to decide, but here is what I came up with: – Your most beautiful post My Istanbul, a strange love story – Your most popular post Catch 22, Seinfeld, and Ayn Rand – Your most controversial post Ideals of beauty around […]

Fake idols and real dreams – From Manhattan to Hollywood

  Flying towards JF Kennedy airport in New York, I recognized a bridge out a F Scott Fitzgerald novel. It was the bridge that Gatsby crosses to go into the city. I remembered the description of ash heaps and the mechanic who looked as grey as the ashes. The place looked grey and dull enough […]