Make America Grope Again – My Take on Trump´s Pussygate for TBS

Donald Trump’s robotic teleprompter-induced apology about talking about touching women’s privates without asking for their permission, is yet another reminder that the U.S. election is going to be decided exactly like a wrestling match. Did anybody doubt that Trump looks down on women? Wasn’t the fact that he has married one Barbie after another proof […]


Don´t show me the coffins of children with that deafening orchestral scoring My sadness doesn´t need a soundtrack What do you want from me masters of montage and emotional chord strikes Don´t let me hear the Armenian tongue of my school days from the mouths of children displaced bombed their lives forever raped the familiar […]

The state of water in America and the true price of a glass of Fiji

Earlier this year, I saw a documentary about Chevron´s fracking exploits in the US and Poland. The film was presented by its director, who was hiding in a cave at the moment. Chevron was not very happy with the documentary, and his life was in danger. What I saw in the film included people getting […]

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