Summer in Berlin

Two nights ago, I had a dream about Siegessäule, the magnificent monument made famous by Wim Wenders` Himmel über Berlin (Wings of desire) and Bono´s music clip for one of the song´s in the sequel´s soundtrack. The only difference between this and the previous times this icon has captured my imagination is that this time […]

nilo cruise

Nine fabulous things to do on a Spring Break cruise

I have been lucky to be able to do my fair share of traveling and cruising.  Although I have never been much of a “tourist,” I have had many near-paradise experiences over the years. Much of my cruising was actually done during Spring Break, so, I came up with the idea of suggesting some fabulous […]


Inside the heart of Turkey

I have only been to Istanbul and Kusadasi, two coastal, tourist spots that are hardly representative of the complexity and diversity that is Turkey. My Armenian family comes in fact from a region called Marash, which is part of Turkey today, but was in fact once Armenian territory. My knowledge about the “real Turkey” comes […]

Summer in Spain – lots of bang for your buck

The math is pretty simple, when there is an economic crisis, people do anything, in order to close sales. Spain is not the exception to the rule, and, on top of all the beauty and relaxation this beautiful land has always offered, prices today are really convenient, when compared to other summer holiday destinations in […]

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