Great wedding venues around the world

Exotic weddings are very fashionable these days. Sometimes, during my travels, I randomly stumble upon open-air weddings that look like straight out of a fairy tale: everyone dressed in white, the ocean and blue skies in the background, perfect weather; an ideal setting for sheer joy and happy endings. Of course, remote venues can greatly […]

Nine fabulous things to do on a Spring Break cruise

I have been lucky to be able to do my fair share of traveling and cruising.  Although I have never been much of a “tourist,” I have had many near-paradise experiences over the years. Much of my cruising was actually done during Spring Break, so, I came up with the idea of suggesting some fabulous […]

Hilo, Hawaii -The rainy side of the Big Island

I visited Hilo many times. Every single time, it rained at some point. Meanwhile, when I sailed into the other side of the Big Island, the sun was always shining. Apparently, there is a scientific explanation for this, but I won´t go into that now. I remember two special times fondly. Once, my Canadian friends […]

Honolulu on a cruise: easy guide for first-timers

One of my most vivid images of Waikiki is of listening to a Hawaiian band playing Iz´s version of “Somewhere over the Rainbow”, with the sun going down behind them. There was just something fundamentally Hawaiian about that scene, the beautiful music, the Hawaiian-shirt-clad musicians with their ukeleles, and the silhouettes surfing into the sunset in the background.


The beauty of the islands, the Polynesian features of its inhabitants, their bewitching traditional music and relaxed lifestyle; there was nothing about Hawaii that didn´t fascinate me.

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