Punta Ballena with Chomsky – Paradise in Hell

I have always loved Punta Ballena and Portezuelo. I used to go there with my family when I was a child, I have stayed at the magnificent Casapueblo, I often attend jazz concerts at Medio y Medio, and frankly, as soon as I get there, everything always seems perfect. It´s a perfect love story, as […]

Top-rated cruise ships in the world – A photo blog

Cruising can be a fun, comfortable and trouble-free option for seeing many different places over a short period of time. While I favor longer cruises with overnights and long port times, I also LOVE Hawaii, which requires spending about 4 days in a row at sea, and often dealing with sea-sickness, depending on what Neptune […]

Visitando los pingüinos en las islas Malvinas

Antes de poner un pie en las Malvinas, lo único que realmente sabía acerca de ellas era que había habido una guerra entre Argentina e Inglaterra por la posesión de su territorio en los ochentas.Los uruguayos, con una cercanía cultural muy profunda con la Argentina, nos habíamos visto naturalmente inclinados a apoyar el lema de […]

Fascinating Gibraltar: Mysteries of a Mediterranean beauty

As things are, I am probably the only person I know who has been to both Gibraltar and the Falkland islands. These two special places have one interesting thing in common: they are much contested UK territories outside of the UK, people are bilingual Spanish-English in both of them, and they seem to have a […]

New Zealand – A seafaring paradise with awe-inspiring traditions

As it usually happens to me with films and places, I fell in love with New Zealand for the first time after watching a movie. In this case, it was Lee Tamahori’s superb ONCE WERE WARRIORS. This is a 90’s movie, so, NZ and I actually go way back, but many years would pass until […]

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