A Taste of the Exotic – Top 3 Places for Portuguese Food in Macau

Macau has always captured my imagination for its rich traditions and unique qualities. Once a Portuguese colony, it is today a special administrative region of China, just like Hong Kong. Thanks to its colonial past, it offers some fabulous Portuguese cuisine, which has earned several well-deserved Michelin stars. Macau is, however, more famous for its […]


The state of water in America and the true price of a glass of Fiji

Earlier this year, I saw a documentary about Chevron´s fracking exploits in the US and Poland. The film was presented by its director, who was hiding in a cave at the moment. Chevron was not very happy with the documentary, and his life was in danger. What I saw in the film included people getting […]

nilo cruise

Nine fabulous things to do on a Spring Break cruise

I have been lucky to be able to do my fair share of traveling and cruising.  Although I have never been much of a “tourist,” I have had many near-paradise experiences over the years. Much of my cruising was actually done during Spring Break, so, I came up with the idea of suggesting some fabulous […]

A perfect Hong Kong visit – Futuristic skylines and meditation gardens

The East will always remain a mystery to those who have never experienced it. In this respect, Hong Kong presents a unique blend of East and West, that may provide a good starting point for exploring some of the most intriguing regions in the world. THE PAST It is hard to understand Hong Kong without […]

Imagining India: the ultimate spiritual pilgrimage

Most people I know who have been to India have done it to search for some kind of spiritual enlightenment. People may search for holidays to Goa, because it’s one of the most popular destinations, or choose to visit the Taj Mahal and Delhi. Tour operators often offer yoga and meditation tours of India. Some […]

Japan, nuclear tsunamis and what is wrong with “progress”

Recently, Kenzaburo Oe wrote an article about how intrinsically disrespectful of the memory of the nuclear bomb’s victims it was for Japan to keep developing nuclear power

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