Telling South Africa´s Stories Through Film

A rendez-vous with producer Elias Ribeiro of Urucu Media in Rio de Janeiro   Elias Ribeiro was born in Brazil. With awards and selections from several of the world´s top film markets and funds, he is arguably the absolute star of Africa´s independent cinema today. His South Africa-based company Urucu Media is committed to finding […]

Planning a Visit to Serengeti National Park – The Ultimate Safari Adventure

Serengeti National Park is a kind of holy grail for all African safari enthusiasts. The park´s open plains are home to a fantastical array of wild species, from friendly zebra to imposing predators like leopards and lions. This is probably the greatest place in the world to witness wildlife in all its majesty and intensity. […]

South Africa´s Spring delights – Blossoms, sights & trails

For those of us in the Southern hemisphere, September is the month of blooming, and South Africa is not the exception. Greenness, flower blossoms and people filled with a new energy that seemed dormant during the winter months all come together to make this one of the best seasons for a visit to this magical land. […]

An Egyptian mirage: Mayhem in the land of the pharaohs

In a country where a blogger goes to prison for four years after criticizing the president, it is no secret that freedom of expression has been a standing concern.
After 30 years living in an ipso-facto dictatorship under Hosni Mubarak, it seems that Egypt has had enough.

However, when I saw images of an Egyptian museum after it had been ramsacked during protests, I felt a sense of terrible loss.

South Africa after the world cup

I must have been something like 12 or so when I first read all about apartheid, Dutch colonialism, and Mandela´s leadership

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