Best affordable holiday tips

Everyone wants a dream vacation that doesn´t cost a fortune. While this is not so hard to achieve, people often spend their money in the wrong places and disregard what´s really important.

Here are some great tips to enjoy the best budget holidays ever.

Find the coolest place, not the most fashionable one

For every popular beach with skyrocketing hotel prices, there is a nearby beach that is ten times as beautiful and where it will cost you ten times less to stay.

Smart research can help you identify these places, whether they be ski resorts or beach hotels, just before they become popular and super-expensive.

Reasonably priced beats all-inclusive

As I discussed in my article about all-inclusive, this system has its pros and cons. When you are looking for cheap holidays, sometimes all-inclusive can be the source of all your troubles. If the quality of the food or service is not good at your resort, you will end up spending tons of money elsewhere, to ensure an acceptable vacation. Unless you are 100% sure about the all-inclusive package you´re buying, you should stay away from it. Instead, you can research cool local restaurants and shops, which can offer great prices combined with a local flavor you will never get from a standard international resort.

Seek local wisdom

The best way not to fall into tourist traps is to seek advice from locals, preferably those not involved in the tourism industry. Find genuine people who will keep you away from overpriced souvenirs and help you find the true jewels of the place. Tourists who only talk to cab drivers and hotel attendants are bound to find it almost impossible to truly discover a destination.

Connecting with local people you share an interest with online before you visit can be a great way of making these meaningful connections that can be the source of many pleasures and a barrier against many a scam.

Explore, explore, explore

Finally, I have the best piece of advice you will ever need: go and look behind the mountain! The best experiences and the most beautiful places I have ever seen were always hard to reach somehow. When paradise could be just one walk uphill away, don’t be lazy, go and explore! After all, exploring is one of the things that you can always do for free, and the results are usually priceless.

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