Free to use, commons license, New Orleans photo

Bourbon street blues (Chicago, May 24th, 2017)

My skin
is thicker than you think

I will survive
our time in New Orleans

Your kiss
was never enough kiss

Your fears
were hurdles on our bliss

The radiant brides
of rue Dauphine

The golden glare
of tubas on the street

The soulful singers
and the sad bartenders
at the Maple Leaf

The Vegas crews
with their tall drinks
and plastic dreams

The stagnant waters
and the clumsy rowers

The aging hippies
and the starfish growers

The hurricane cocktails
and the dormant Gulf

The toothless dancer
with his silent horn

The slave descendants
with their pride and poise

The NRA landlords
with their catholic boys

The alligators
with their widened jaws
The hopeless seawall
and the amphibian homes

The headless monuments
and Mardi Gras debris

The pastel balconies
the magnolia memories

None of the joy
seen on the streets we cruised

can take away
this New Orleans blues

The Mississippi
run through
our Arabi bed
I learnt to swim
but you were too afraid

Your kiss
was never enough kiss

Your fears
were hurdles on our bliss

My tears
were echoed through the mist

as we run for cover
one rainy eve
on Bourbon street


Photo credit: Veronica Pamoukaghlian, you can use it as long as you link to this page

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