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I recently wrote a guide of Montevideo for LAN´s IN magazine. If you fly LAN over the Southern summer, you will probably stumble upon it, and it will also be available online.

To write the guide, I visited a few new local restaurants. LUCCA was at the top of my list, because I had observed the transformation of one of the restaurateurs/chefs, Nano Gamio, from sound designer extraordinaire to equally extraordinaire chef.

After having lunch there one lovely Saturday afternoon (see photos below), I can say that it was probably the best culinary experience I have had at a restaurant in Montevideo.

Each dish was designed to perfection in terms of flavors, colors, textures, and architecture.

I especially recommend the berries coulis and the fresh fish dishes, which will make you feel like the fisherman just alighted on the beach with some freshly caught delights.

There was such perfect balance between soft and hard, between acid and alkaline, in every single thing we tried there that all I can say is just make a reservation right now!

Lucca is located in the heart of the Old City and it is open mainly for lunch and afternoon coffee, but due to the restaurant´s instant success after opening, it often hosts special dinner events, so, it´s best to check their schedule.

A welcome addition to Montevideo´s lively gourmet circuit.2917 1632

LUCCA Sarandí 368, Montevideo
Reservations 2917 1632
Photos by Fabiana Pamoukaghlián









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