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I am still traveling around Europe, and it has been impossible to find the time to blog, as I need to combine pleasure with editing two books for clients and writing my novel, among many other things.

I have written about the Berlin of my imagination on this blog before. I have to say I was not in the least bit disappointed. While I have very mixed feelings about the German way of life, something I shall discuss later, when I get off planes for two weeks in Uruguay, I am fascinated when it comes to Berlin.

I saw some incredible things, met some interesting people, ate amazing food, and wrote and read a lot at the library that appears in Wings of Desire, which become kind of a second home to me. I learnt that Berlin neighbors like to gossip as much as the next fellow, and saw the war on German television, and was heartbroken at the thought that we have forgotten everything Lennon taught us.

I lost and recovered the love of my life; well, I never really lost him, but it was pretty close, I got good news and not so hot news. I was rich sometimes, and on a budget at others, but I was always rich in the things that matter. As I couldn´t carry a single extra gram on the plane, I didn´t buy things, and this was surprisingly liberating; I learnt that things don´t mean a thing, and I don´t need to shop anymore for things I don´t really need, except maybe a cute dress for each season.

So, for the time being, before I write a proper Berlin blog, here are these photos, which I am uploading from Ibiza, an island that houses at present Madonna and Paris Hilton, and, well, me, and some people I love.

My next stops will be Zurich, Lisbon, Athens, Ikaria, and finally Uruguay. I shall return to the place where I left my heart in the Fall, and I imagine there will be much to share.



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