Human happiness and the environment – Address by Uruguayan president Jose Mujica at Rio +20 Summit

This is a rare entry for my blog. I was deeply moved by this speech by Mujica, and it expressed many views I share with the man I am proud to have voted to be president of my country. Much as I was in awe of his eloquence and heart-warming simplicity, I was also appalled […]

MONSTRUO, Film shoot in Montevideo – A photo gallery

So, we´re about to show MONSTRUO to an audience for the first time. It´s only a private premiere, but we are superexcited after over a year of work on the film. Monstruo is a relentless thriller, directed by Berlin-based Carlos Morelli, starring two of Uruguay´s most renowned character actors: Roberto Jones and Roberto Suárez. If […]

In Berlin for the music

 GUEST POST BY BEN GALLIVAN, OUR MAN IN BERLIN There is a big misunderstanding of music that comes out of Germany – it isn’t all techno, opera and Rammstein (although there is a lot of that about too!); there are plenty of different styles of live music being played out nightly, especially in Berlin. The […]

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