Colonia del Sacramento – Charm from a different era

This photo of Colonia del Sacramento is courtesy of TripAdvisor My most vivid memory from my first visit to Colonia is of the impressive Bullfighting ring. It was in ruins 20 years ago just like now, but, surprisingly, it has retained its charm, although it is no longer possible to go into the actual arena, […]

Visitando los pingüinos en las islas Malvinas

Antes de poner un pie en las Malvinas, lo único que realmente sabía acerca de ellas era que había habido una guerra entre Argentina e Inglaterra por la posesión de su territorio en los ochentas.Los uruguayos, con una cercanía cultural muy profunda con la Argentina, nos habíamos visto naturalmente inclinados a apoyar el lema de […]

Melancholia by Lars von Trier and the creation of myth

By Verónica Pamoukaghlián About a year ago, an editor asked me to write an analysis of the creation of myth in an audiovisual product. I decided to write about a film trailer I had just seen, which I found fascinating. This article is the result of that commission. Hope you enjoy it. A film trailer […]

Las Vegas Citycenter – greenest luxury on Earth

When you think of those spur of the moment Las Vegas flights, sustainability and environmental awareness are probably the last things on your mind. For over two and a half years now, the groundbreaking Citycenter complex has come to challenge everyone’s views of what Sin city represents. A creation by Art Gensler´s GENSLER DESIGN, partnering with MGM MIRAGE, Citycenter […]

Summer in Spain – lots of bang for your buck

The math is pretty simple, when there is an economic crisis, people do anything, in order to close sales. Spain is not the exception to the rule, and, on top of all the beauty and relaxation this beautiful land has always offered, prices today are really convenient, when compared to other summer holiday destinations in […]

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