Romantic escapades – Fabulous places to fall in love

Lake Como “This shore of the lake is one continued village, and the Milanese nobility have their villas here. The union of culture and the untameable profusion and loveliness of nature   is here so close that the line where they are divided can hardly be discovered.” Percy B. Shelley A favorite spot for the most celebrated Romantic […]

Cyprus – A thriving Mediterranean paradise

I heard a lot about Cyprus growing up. I went to an Armenian school, and I would often hear about Cyprus, mostly in history class. The population in Cyprus is mainly Greek, but there is also a small Armenian community, and the Armenian language is considered one of the minority languages of the island. Like […]

Fascinating Gibraltar: Mysteries of a Mediterranean beauty

As things are, I am probably the only person I know who has been to both Gibraltar and the Falkland islands. These two special places have one interesting thing in common: they are much contested UK territories outside of the UK, people are bilingual Spanish-English in both of them, and they seem to have a […]

Homenaje a Spinetta, que nos enseñó a sentir

La semana pasada, gracias al incansable, creativo y emprendedor Juan Pablo Chapital, se hizo un homenaje a Luis Alberto Spinetta en Montevideo. Por un lado, me dieron ganas de compartir algunos videos de cosas maravillosas que sucedieron esa noche, de la cual participaron algunos de los intérpretes más talentosos, personales e inspirados con que cuenta […]

In London like a true Londoner

When I went to Finland to shoot my film RAUL, as it was impossible to book a hotel during the Master´s Athletics´ Championship, I used couchsurfing to accomodate me and most of my crew. The experience lead to some deep most likely everlasting friendships with a fabulous Finnish family. However, couchsurfing is not for everyone. […]

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