America by Jonathan Franzen

Over the last few weeks, somewhere between watching a bit of Food Inc, as part of research for a documentary (I couldn´t stomach 10 minutes of it…), reading about the latest cutbacks to personal freedom compliments of the Obama administration, and watching Chris Hodges’ speech on the empire´s severe decline; somewhere along the line, I […]

Night out in Istanbul – A photo blog

I have already talked about my delicious experiences in Istanbul extensively on this blog. Yet I have only recently come across these photos of one of my best Istanbul nights ever. This was the night we had dinner at the top of Galatha Tower, from where our random new best friends came to pick us […]

Hilo, Hawaii -The rainy side of the Big Island

I visited Hilo many times. Every single time, it rained at some point. Meanwhile, when I sailed into the other side of the Big Island, the sun was always shining. Apparently, there is a scientific explanation for this, but I won´t go into that now. I remember two special times fondly. Once, my Canadian friends […]

Crossing the Panama canal – A photo blog

A few years back, I crossed the Panama canal a couple of times on a cruise ship. Oddly enough, my most vivid memory of the canal is of a gay Philipino boy named Joy who was withening my teeth at the spa in front of the window, during the crossing. I did actually write a […]

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