My 7 links – A best of the blog selection

I was just invited to selext these 7 links from this year of blogging. It wasn’t easy to decide, but here is what I came up with: – Your most beautiful post My Istanbul, a strange love story – Your most popular post Catch 22, Seinfeld, and Ayn Rand – Your most controversial post Ideals of beauty around […]

Fake idols and real dreams – From Manhattan to Hollywood

  Flying towards JF Kennedy airport in New York, I recognized a bridge out a F Scott Fitzgerald novel. It was the bridge that Gatsby crosses to go into the city. I remembered the description of ash heaps and the mechanic who looked as grey as the ashes. The place looked grey and dull enough […]

Miami beach: between Dexter and Sgt. Pepper

The condo where my friend was staying looked exactly like TV´s serial killer cop “DEXTER,” which is actually set in Miami. The feeling of being in Dexter-land was augmented by the headline I read on a local magazine my friend had lying around: “Bigger guns, no permits needed, Page 10.”

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